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Break down barriers


We all know the stereotypical ‘alpha’ staff member who believes that they have all the answers. It may be that they are more capable than some others but the truth is nobody has all the answers.

eyeball training breaks down barriers by ensuring that every member of a team has a contribution to make. We also present them with the opportunity to make that contribution, thus increasing their confidence and standing within the group.

This change of perception by the group, gained within an enjoyable ‘shared experience’ environment, is the first step towards the appreciation of others, as individuals and of their working skills. Whatever the job description may be, from boss to office junior or sales manager to production assistant, each will see the other working for the team towards a common goal. Previously held but probably inaccurate perceptions are destroyed.

If you believe that you have a problem in this area let eyeball training re-educate your staff.

Please contact eyeball to see what can be achieved for your company.

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