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Enhanced communication skills


Communication is the essence of an eyeball training day.

We encourage the participants to learn how to communicate effectively in order to influence others which will then achieve identified objectives.

Whilst carrying out various tasks, team members will need to communicate verbally, visually or by body language, depending on the needs of their colleagues.

During the eyeball hands-on practical training day, the participants, after our briefing, are asked to devise for themselves a non-verbal means of communication. This means of communication is put to the test, after which the teams are given an opportunity to either amend or abandon some of their earlier decisions.

At the conclusion of the practical element of the training, our facilitator undertakes an organised and controlled debrief. Each team member will have a contribution to make about their involvement in the exercise.

An important part of communication is the ability to listen.

They then all realise that the sum of their individual contributions allow them to see the ‘big picture'.

Please contact eyeball to see what can be achieved for your company.

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