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Management Training


eyeball management training is suitable for anyone in a supervisory position, from Managing Director to a team leader.

Successful managers are those who are able to achieve corporate or service objectives through influence rather than direct management. In order to do this they encourage their workforce to develop skills and techniques that will improve their overall performance for the benefit of the company. They must also be prepared to listen to their staff but assert themselves when necessary.

There may also be a need to identify the best applicant when deciding who should fill a particular role.

The practical training that eyeball provides addresses these issues by subjecting each participant to a certain amount of pressure.

During the training they are tasked to fulfil the role of team leader in a new and less confident environment than they are used to. Each team is required to carry out tasks, during which the leader will have to make a number of decisions with varying degrees of urgency.

To be successful it is vital that the leader learns the importance of listening to team members before coming to many of those decisions. The leader should also be able to justify to their team the reasons for the decisions.

eyeball training guides your staff to reach these objectives.

Please contact eyeball to see what can be achieved for your company.

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