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Team Building


Team building is all about learning to respect your colleagues and having the courage to put your views forward.

Any team, no matter what their area of operations, can only be as effective as their weakest member. It must also recognise that each of us has a number of strengths that are not always apparent.

Due to the nature of our training, eyeball encourages all team members to participate in a communications, observation and analysis based exercise during which they will recognise each other’s strengths whilst working together towards a common goal. To do so successfully they must work as a team and without input and involvement from each team member the objectives become more difficult to achieve.

Having undergone an eyeball training day your staff will have had the benefit of a shared, sometimes slightly stressful, yet highly enjoyable experience. They will have witnessed each other’s occasional discomfort, how it was overcome and the advantages that were gained as a result of that. All this enhances a team spirit.

A further benefit of eyeball training is that, at the in-depth debrief, the whole team appreciates the value of listening to fellow team members. Each team member will have contributed valuable information that may not have been immediately apparent - and this establishes mutual respect.

An eyeball training day can be undertaken in any town or city. It is a bespoke event that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Please contact eyeball to see what can be achieved for your company.

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